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Sorry Guys, [18 Jan 2011|05:49pm]
But Tumblr has pretty much replaced LiveJournal in my heart </3 I know, I'm a complete lame-o. If you want to follow me there, here's my link: http://milftank.tumblr.com. I promise I'll still update on here maybe twice a year or so...and who knows, I just might get back into LJ someday! *~
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Friday the 13th Post [13 Aug 2010|11:54am]
I stayed the night at Jessy's cousin's place last night because she's house-sitting. Josh and Ellie, my friends from high school were there, which was good because I almost never see them since I graduated. Her cousin had a lot of really good CDs. The Cure, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Sonic Youth, and every Smiths album! I was excited. She also had this really cool turtle that I made friends with. I called him Turts since I didn't know his name.

I also had a job interview the other day at BJ's, which I think went pretty well. But I guess you can't really know for sure until they call. I hope I get that job though, then I could make moneys and not get up at 5 PM every day.

Party in the hood tonight. To be continued....
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Girls Girls Girls [25 Jul 2010|05:26pm]
Well, I guess I'll just get right down to it.
There are sooo many girls in the world that I want. To. Fuck.
I mean I just spent a week in Canada surrounded by adorable Asian chicks and I'm like ready to explode. So I'm just sitting here reading nerdy lesbian erotica with titles like Angelina the Lesbian Sorceress.

I wish some hot girl would just walk up to me and be like "Please, lick my pussy." But I know it doesn't work that way. I never thought I'd feel a 15-year-old boy's pain.

Meh. I'm just horny. But still, where the ladies at?!?!?! Seriously. If you find out where the ladies are at, let me know. ;D
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Summatime and the livin's easy [12 Jul 2010|01:06am]
Dude, I wish my boyfriend didn't have low self esteem. Cause like, I adore him. Just cause other people made him feel bad he has to feel like shit about himself? Man that sucks. He really is amazing though, imo. Cute and cuddly and smart and all that. I'm trying to get him to realize that but I guess it takes time.

What a cutie though for sure :)

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Pokemon I Want. [16 Jun 2010|01:59pm]
* Turtwig
* Milotic
* Espeon
* Mismagius
* Plusle
* Minun

* Piplup
* Charmander
* Chikorita
* Jirachi
* Mantyke
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My Little Pony, Apocalypse Pony [21 May 2010|10:57pm]
Yo life is good right now, knock on wood.
I gots cuddles, 8 vintage My Little Ponies coming in the mail, and Anime North is a week from tomorrow. And I'm making $25 on Sunday.
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Dream a dream [18 May 2010|02:42pm]
I had a dream last night. Me and like everyone I know were in this real life chatroom thing. You know how like in Gaia Towns your avatar runs around and little speech bubbles come out when it talks and stuff? Yeah well it was like that but with real people. And there was all sorts of stuff you could do. Like Matt (who is my best friend for those of you who didn't know) disappeared into a hot spring with Nyssa (his gf). Typical. And there was a slide. And me and this girl went down at the same time for some reason. And when we go to the bottom we were in this little clubhouse thing. And so we started making out, and then like halfway through she wasn't a girl anymore she was Adam (my sexy ex-boyfriend). And the during the whole time, I was searching for Nick. I kept seeing him in his bright blue Eazy-E shirt but I couldn't catch up to him.

I actually like this dream. Because it made sense. Matt ditching me for Nyssa, Adam seducing me and me really liking Nick. And Peter wasn't even there....
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Steve's Facebook Status [13 May 2010|04:39pm]
*John Lennon is back from the dead. * Top 15 Book/Movie combinations * Face
Fuck Girlfriend & Fight w/ asshole BF * Star Wars: Clone Wars is a
tragedy to a poor child's future * Laura in the Top 3 for Best T-Shirt *
Carley, Katie, & Pinky stage-diving on us. * Drugs from
N.F.'s to Buffalo * Batman & Spiderman *
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Poison [21 Apr 2010|03:56pm]
I'm kind of mad that a thought of dressing up as Poison from Final Fight the day before I leave for the convention. Whatever, It's an easy costume, I'll just do it for the next con.

I already have the handcuffs ;)
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UP IN HERE UP IN HERE [18 Apr 2010|12:56pm]
So my dog has been actin' a fool lately. My mom said that she had psychological issues which may sound funny to you, but to me, it sounded like she was predicting a natural disaster. Yes I am that paranoid and superstitious.

I figure, if a dog is acting neurotic all of a sudden, that means that something must have changed in her life, which means that something might have changed in our lives, something that we might not eve know about.

But it turned out she was just constipated.

Tora-con this weekend!
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mah pokemanz bring all the boyz 2 da yarddd [15 Apr 2010|07:01pm]
Pokemon that I intend to catch from the Safari Zone:

1. Cubone
2. Sandshrew
3. Tauros
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4 Morrissey Icons. [02 Apr 2010|01:46pm]

Yep. Credit and stuff.
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Feelings 'n' shit [31 Mar 2010|09:14pm]
I wish I didn't have to analyze everything. I think I'm just afraid of losing him, he's really the best thing I have and I feel guilty for taking him for granted, and scared that I might do it again. Good thing I have control over my own actions. Just gotta remember that, and not let my head scare me into thinking otherwise.

Fuck all this negativity.
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Cheaa... [25 Mar 2010|06:14pm]
So I had this dream last night that I was on this like reality show for creepy weirdos. And I was scared, so when it was over I called Adam to pick me up because I wanted to get away from all the creepy weirdos. But he was like "I can't pick you up I'm busy." When he was obviously just hanging out with his friends. Typical.

And then I guess my family picked me up and we went to the mall, and we were like the only ones there. And I played Skeeball and won a cardboard stand up of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. And then we went to a different mall because I guess we hadn't had enough of the mall, and it turned out that it was a trap set up by Team Rocket. So we found that out before they noticed us, so we were basically hiding trying not to be seen. I guess my sister couldn't handle it though cause she goes running right out in front of them and then the rest is a blur really.

And then in a separate dream, Peter told me that he really liked Emma Pollina, who is this stupid slutty-looking girl that goes to my school. And I got really mad. Like irrationally mad. And I'm not usually the jealous type.

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I drew a pretty picture [18 Mar 2010|03:33pm]
So I drew a picture of Peter, cause he's the most sweetest.

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>_ [17 Mar 2010|12:35pm]
So here's the story.
Guy I was dating, Adam, fucked this girl I know, who basically has to fuck all the dudes I go out with because she's jealous of me. I was fucking pissed, so I threw the guy out. And this isn't even the worst thing he's done to me.

So he leaves over $100 worth of comic books in my front door yesterday. And I'm like, is this motherfucker really trying to bribe me right now? So I don't really know what to do with the complete Sandman VOLUME 4, but I'm probably going to hollow it out, shit in it and leave it in HIS front door.

But I feel better now.
I really don't deserve Peter. Or I don't feel like it at the moment.

One more sin of which to come clean....

I'm just gonna watch anime all day now I think
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Yeah. [08 Mar 2010|04:43pm]
I'm just sittin' here watching cute videos of dogs. And waiting for the Spider-Man Animated Series to finish downloading.

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H'okay. So. [05 Mar 2010|07:01pm]
I'm trying to convince Adam to get LJ. I was like, "You can lurk my life!"
I think he's considering it now.

So me and Adam are still together and stuff. He's still crazy. I take medication for that now. I've been baking a lot. And playing cards a lot. And downloading a whole bunch of music. And watching a lot of anime! While still keeping up on my school work. I know. I don't know how I do it either. I guess it's because I'm Wonder Woman.


I gave my dog a bath today, it was amusing. And I got $7 for it!
Oh oh oh I also got my driver's permit and I'm going to start learning to drive on Sunday.
And Adam passed his road test today, so we get to go places :3
And I was talking to this security guard at the Library as I was descending down the escalator and she told be about how I could get a job as a page there and eventually fulfill my dream of becoming a librarian. :D

And I'm saving up my moneys for a pair of pink boots.
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Adam [24 Jan 2010|09:05pm]
worldsgreatestl 9:00 pm
(9:00:24 PM): ill give ur sculpture a home
(9:00:28 PM): if you feel it is misbehaving
alooha from hell 9:00 pm
(9:00:38 PM): it is indeed
(9:00:45 PM): it needs a good talking to
(9:00:48 PM): AND A SPANKING
(9:00:50 PM): =-O
worldsgreatestl 9:01 pm
(9:01:16 PM): the statue?
(9:01:22 PM): or the sculptur >_>
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Merry Christmas Eve and shit [24 Dec 2009|12:45pm]
I just got asked to be Yuna at Tora-con next year...I don't know if I'm down for another Final Fantasy cosplay though...I don't even like Final Fantasy! I'd much rather go as...

I have planned SO many cosplays that just never panned out...le sigh.
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